We live in a world where technology moves forward at lightspeed! This can be a double edged sword in the DDC Controls industry. We always need to be moving forward in this business, but it can be extremely costly to install and try to rely upon technology that has not been field proven or is not truly understood by the installers/ programmers.

That's where we come in! Through years of trial and error we have settled on the technology that Works! We will take the guesswork out of Building automation for you because we have tried all of the technologies.

Over the years One Protocol has won out over the other.  The Lonworks Protocol is a much more stable user friendly protocol and the hardware reliance has been the key to making Lon the Protocol the one that always works worldwide.

I have found that the protocol does not matter as much as the technology used to interface with it.  That is why we use Tridium Niagara! The Niagara frameworks presents all of these networks in the same way so that theyappear to be the same.  



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Last modified: October 10, 2010